Upcoming Recycling Events Are For Clearing Chemicals, Learning, Fun – KPCW


Upcoming Recycling Events Are For Clearing Chemicals, Learning, Fun – KPCW

Recycle Utah Park City has a busy schedule this weekend and in the weeks to come.

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The Hazardous Waste Day happens twice a year. This Saturday, it’s going on from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Canyons parking lot at the base of the Cabriolet, 4000 Canyons Resort Drive. It’s a way people can clear out storage areas and keep toxic chemicals and heavy metals out of the natural environment.

“These are things you’d find in your garage or maybe under your kitchen sink, like paints, varnishes, solvents, motor oil, anti-freeze, any type of battery you find, pharmaceuticals,” said Carolyn Wawra, Recycle Utah Park City executive director. “A good rule of thumb is, if you don’t want to drink it, you should bring it to us.”

Other materials Recycle Utah wants to see include acids, gasoline, propane, compact fluorescent bulbs and electronics.

People can also drop off old bikes to be refurbished at no charge, as well as mattresses for a fee of $20 each.

Scott van Hartesvelt is the service chair of the Park City Sunrise Rotary Club, a sponsor of the event since 2013. He said as a volunteer he even once helped a resident dispose of some uranium.

“We collect all manners of hazardous waste,” he said. “It’s a great service to the community. We see about 350 cars …….

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