Turning trash into treasure: Sustainable plastic recycling – Spectrum News


Turning trash into treasure: Sustainable plastic recycling – Spectrum News

GREENVILLE, N.C. — When you think of recycling, many of us think of big blue bins where we throw our plastic, metal, paper and other recyclable materials.

However, only 10% of plastic collected by single-stream recycling companies actually ends up getting recycled. The other 90% ends up back in landfills and waterways.


What You Need to Know

Plastic pollution is a big problem, especially in waterways

Only 10% of “recycled” plastic at single-stream recycling companies actually gets recycled

R.A.W Plastics is trying to fix the problem with a new way to recycle

They make melt the plastic down in their warehouse and create new items


That’s where Restoring Another Waterway, or R.A.W. Plastic comes in. R.A.W. Plastic is a Greenville-based company that focuses solely on recycling plastic so that 90% of what they collect can be repurposed and recycled correctly.

Jon Aguilar started the company in 2019 after he noticed constant plastic floating by during his fishing trips. 

“I think we can all agree water is important,” Aguilar said. “So if there’s something we can do to keep our water clean, then we should all jump in and figure something out.”

Aguilar started the business by melting down …….

Source: https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nc/charlotte/news/2021/09/20/raw-plastic

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