The Future of Advanced Recycling of Healthcare Plastics – Yahoo Finance


The Future of Advanced Recycling of Healthcare Plastics – Yahoo Finance

Northampton, MA –News Direct– Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council

We all know what recycling is and why it’s so important. But did you know that products and materials destined for recycling can actually be upcycled or downcycled? There are a few key differences between available recycling methods – and these differences will play a major role in the future of healthcare plastics recycling.

Upcycling and Downcycling: What’s the Difference?


When a material is downcycled, it is recycled into something of less value than it was originally. Downcycling is a process that typically takes single-use products and turns them into durable goods such as plastic lumber, or park benches. This process has positive impacts as it diverts these materials from the landfill and reduces reliance on virgin raw materials but does not necessarily drive the circular economy. Oftentimes paper and plastic products are downcycled.


When a material is upcycled, it is converted into something of equal or greater value than it was originally. The goal of upcycling is to retain or even improve the value of the waste materials being reused. This process consumes waste rather than natural resources as a feedstock which can result in less energy use, air pollution, water pollution, and even less greenhouse gas emissions. Aluminum recycling is one of the best-known examples of upcycling in action.

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