Remember to use Redstone recycling bins | News | – Theredstonerocket


Remember to use Redstone recycling bins | News | – Theredstonerocket

As staff return to their offices on Redstone Arsenal, Valerie Mason Desires to Make constructive that staff In any respect The army’s tenant organizations on submit maintain in thoughts to recycle.

All organizations on the Arsenal are required to take part Inside the Protection Logistics Agency’s Licensed Recycling Program, which permits businesses To collect and promote sure Kinds of discarded suppliess for a revenue pretty than merely throwing them away. Redstone Arsenal’s participation Inside the QRP is outlined in Garrison Coverage No. 200-5, which reiterates that “participation Inside the USAG-Redstone QRP is obligatory by all organizations and clients located on Redstone Arsenal till There’s A longtime, absolutely useful recycling program with strong waste reporting procedures Inside their chain of command.”

Mason works as an environmental engineer Contained in the Garrison’s Directorate of Public Works. Although Greater than 200 tons of strong waste have been recycled by way of This method in fiscal yr 2020, she said the recycling program’s numbers have fallen dramatically Over the previous couple of yrs, hugely As a Outcome of of Quantity of staff teleworking. Since extra organizations are conveying their staff again on submit, she Desires to Make constructive that the recycling program Isn’t uncared for.

Through the QRP, Redstone Arsenal recycles paper, cardboard, toner cartridges and scrap metallic, all of That are purchased for a revenue. Redstone Arsenal additionally recycles automotive tires, used motor oil, concrete, asphalt and lead-acid batteries, however These issues Do not fall beneath the QRP.

Mason inspired Arsenal staff To make the most of the recycling bins They might see Inside their offices, taking discover of the distinction between The huge, locked grey bins for confidential or categorized suppliess and the smaller, blue bins for uncategorized paper.

“I even Want to get it On the market that That is typically A obligatory program, and that if people don’t have entry to recycling paper or cardboard or toner cartridges, then I need to get to these people,” she said. The DOD objective is for A minimal of 40% of strong waste to be recycled, however Mason said extra recycling Is biggest because Which means extra revenue for the set up. “We now Want to recycle as a lot as potential.”

The QRP additionally opens the door for Redstone Arsenal to companion with corporations. Presently, Wolf Creek Federal Providers collects, shreds, bales and promotes All of the paper that Leads to The grey “confidential” bins onsite at Redstone Arsenal. Mason said the Arsenal additionally has A mannequin new contract with Dixie Pulp and Paper, An space company, to recycle supplies Inside the blue bins.

Mason is hopeful that her rethoughtser will encourage staff To start recycling their paper, cardboard and toner cartridges as quickly as extra as they return to the set up.

“Hopeabsolutely as people Get back to the office, and if We will get the phrase out that These issues Have to be recycled, We will get these numbers again up there,” she said.

Redstone Arsenal Does not currently have a system for recycling plastic or aluminum, however Mason encourages people to convey these gadgets house and Make the most of their native curbside recycling packages. Madison County residents can discover extra Particulars Regarding their native recycling program, the Recycling Alliance of North Alabama, at

Everytime You’ve questions Regarding the QRP, Want assist discovering The proper recycling bins or think about your constructing Isn’t collaborating Inside the QRP, Mason said To Obtain out to her by calling 876-1899 or emailing [email protected].

Recycling by the numbers

In fiscal yr 2020, Redstone Arsenal recycled The subsequent portions by way of the Protection Logistics Agency’s Licensed Recycling Program:

44.77 tons of cardboard

98.22 tons of white paper

19.89 tons of toner cartridges

42.71 tons of scrap metallic

204.59 tons of waste have been diverted from the strong waste stream In consequence.

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